Open Worship – June 12th

Today, Imagine had the wonderful privilege of attending Niverville’s open worship. Mona shared our history and her powerful testimony with the 450+ attendees on a cozy, stormy, summer morning. Marcel Penner delivered a message regarding mental health in the church that tied in so beautifully with our mission. We still feel the stigma.

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In a Christian community, it sometimes feels like we each have to have everything altogether all the time. But it’s not true. IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY. Destigmatize: to remove associations of shame and disgrace. Let’s continue coming together as a community to work toward ending the stigma. This means connecting with someone that you know is struggling, speaking up about your experiences and sharing your feelings with your loved ones, sometimes it means putting yourself before others, and sometimes it means putting others before yourself.

See the video below to watch the full service:

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